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Hometown: New York City and Los Angeles

It’s a strange mixture of modern and old, dark and happy, it’s about rape, violence, lost love,
suicide, not giving a smack about what other people think of you
and most importantly being mad and angelic!

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It is incredibly hard being in a Danish rock n roll band ‘cause of this damn thing we have called “Jante Loven," which basically tells us Danes not to feel superior to any other man, woman, child or beast. This translates into everyone being very scared of thinking highly of themselves and in the music world means that we’re no better than this band or that band…Bullshit!!! is what Sharin and I said and turned our backs on the Danish kingdom. Don’t get me wrong we love Denmark but we felt we had to leave in order to break the restricting chains of the Jante Law but before we left we hit up the Ministry of Culture for a couple of bucks in state sponsored tour support, called up Hilly Kristal and landed our first ever gig outside Denmark in the filthy and disgusting legendary club known as CBGB’s. David Fricke showed up along with 40 other paid admissions and the rest is pure rock n roll history.