Hospital Grade

Hometown: Canada

Hospital Grade's music breathes and pulses with warmth and life, yet is infused with the stark angles of
progress and hints of the repetition and rhythms of manual labour and machinery. It's a horrific accident in
the industrial workplace and the subsequent, neccesary infirmary / recovery at once.

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Finding patterns in chaos can bring some semblance of comfort. To be sure, the maps in Hospital Grade's glovebox are detailing routes that are anything but direct. But the mix tape playing on the battered stereo is full of the familiar sounds of 90's alt /post-punk, Dischord Records and britpop. The engine growls beneath, driving things forward, and a nervous foot twitches over the brake. With Secrets & Sawdust, Hospital Grade hands over a few more of their maps.

Hospital Grade released their first CD, Written Axe To Trigger, in 2004 on Kansas City, MO's URININE Records, and followed it with a U.S. Tour. They just released their sophomore album, Secrets & Sawdust, on BBQ Records.

Secrets & Sawdust is an eleven song work of tense urgency tempered with the calm of a coiled serpent, at rest but ready to spring at the subtlest of movements. It's an addictive and discreet document, full of warnings, pounding fists, frustration, cries for help and pointed fingers.